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Lighting up Whitehouse Station for 11 years!

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T'was the night before Darren's birthday and he ventured to the Pieper basement to inventory lights for 2001.
  The basement was so packed a new sorting area was needed.


Aug 27, 1999
We started pulling out about 25 boxes filled with lights, extention cords, hooks (for hanging the lights), tools to fix light sets, and some of the smaller pieces for displays. 

So, Aug 27th was the day we took over Darren's brother Craig's room. He is away at college anyway. We just have to have the room cleaned up for Thanksgiving when Craig returns home. We are doing well this is one corner of the room on Nov 13th, 7 days before we first light the displays.

October 31, 1999

Halloween Night a new structure started to be built with the code name "Exibit B". We called the structure this so people didn't know what we were building. 

November 13, 1999

Left: we have Exbit B being built in the Pieper's driveway. 


November 19th
Will be the first lighting of this new display. Since then, moderations have been made due to different problems that arouse in days after the lighting. We are still adding additional lights to this display. We need to find a taller ladder to finish the lighting.
Santa, the sleigh, and santa's reindeer were pulled out of the attic November 11th and assembled in the same night. 

November 12 the lights were put on the reindeer. 


Last updated: December 11, 2001