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A Few Words From The Creator of Christmas City

"Christmas City light display brings great holiday spirits to everyone who visits.  At this time, I, Darren, founder of Christmas City, would like to extend a special thanks to all of our City helpers.  Without the help of my fellow friends and family Christmas City wouldn't be as big and wonderful as it is today.  I would like to extend an extra special warm THANKS to my biggest helper of them all.  She started helping me out two years ago spending endless hours helping me out with Christmas City, and has continued to help me out this year to even greater extents.  This year she has almost work as much as I did in bringing a great holiday joy to the county.  Thank you very much, Tracy Pieper.  Without you, I would be lost; you deserve credit worth millions."
Thank You,
Darren R. Pieper
Christmas City Designer:
Darren Pieper
Christmas City Manager:
Darren Pieper
Christmas City Arts Designer:
 Tracy Pieper

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